‘’Being able to participate in this YE did reinforce my capability to be a leader aby aquiring certain skills and methods for the purpuse of angaging young adults in decision making, and encouraging them to creat activities in support of there couse. Thus, it will be a vital aspect to build my knowledge for citizenship and to be a leader in enhancing youth to work on the cultural diversity. A profissional training will allowed me to boost my personal career in team building activities related to citizenship, cultural diversity, and youth accesisibility to civil society programs’’

Always challenging myself to be a change-maker, I see that being part of this YE was a rewarding experience. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge and acquire practical toolsy. The event gave aas well a chance to practice work in groups and display open-mindedness and tolerance.

Very excited to be part of the spaninsh team , I chose to apply for the challenge it represents, putting to the test what I have learned from my experience



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